Our Projects

Our research themes include Social Flow Theory, Social Distance, Spatial Networks, and love, friendship, family, and relationships in the city. Check some of our projects out!

Weighted Radial Variation for Node Feature Classification

Findings: A technique called Weighted Radial Variation makes it easier to visualize migration connections created from a node-edge matrix. Method: Extracting stars ...
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Predicting Migration Dynamics with Conditional and Posterior Probabilities

Findings: People’s social ties, not just cost and distance, play a role in deciding where people migrate. Method: A Bayesian place-pair ...
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Redrawing the Map of Great Britain from a Network of Human Interactions

Findings: The boundaries of regional governments correspond quite well with how people communicate via phone in the UK. Scotland is the ...
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An ocean of information: Fusing Aggregate & Individual Dynamics for Metropolitan Areas

Findings: A new tool called Ocean of Information helps track flows of people over time with 3D visualizations. Method: Combining where people ...
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Our location

We are located in the Center of Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization at Georgia Tech