Taught by Professor Andris

Capstone Preparation (CP 6592) 1 cr. spring 2024.

Environmental GIS: City Planning (CP 6541) spring 2024.

Information Visualization: Computer Science (CS 4460) (fall 2022) next offering fall 2024.

Independent Study Hours / Special Topic in Geovisualization, Geovisual Analytics, and Open Source GIS offered fall 2024 (e-mail if you are interested in joining)

Spatial Network Analysis: Cross-Listed City Planning (CP)/Computer Science (CS) next offering spring 2025.

Introduction to Urban Analytics (CP 8883) (fall 2021) next offering unknown.

Visualization for Planners (CP 6006) 1 cr. (spring 2022) next offering unknown.

Advanced GIS: City Planning (CP 6521) (spring 2021) next offering unknown.