Restaurant Chaininess

This map shows restaurants marked by their CHAININESS: a new value that represents the number of other restaurants/cafes that share a name. For instance, Old Ebbitt Grill is labeled 1 since it is the only restaurant in the 48-U.S. states with that name. Subway and McDonald’s have a CHAININESS of over 10,000. Use the map to see what parts of your city have many chain restaurants/cafes and which one have a many independent restaurants. We cannot disclose the exact names at this time.

Paper in review.

NCAA Athlete Hometowns

Paper at: Andris C (2018) Measuring Geographic Pull Power: A Case Study of College Athletics. The Professional Geographer. 70(3): 476-490. Download the data.

What’s inside my AirBNB: Analysis of 50,000 living rooms.

Paper (and data) at: Liu, X., Andris, C., Huang, X., and Rahimi, S. (2019) Inside 50,000 living rooms: an assessment of global residential ornamentation using transfer learning. EPJ Data Science, 8:4.

US Cities Shapefile — Subset from Esri data.

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