Our Projects

Our research themes include Social Flow Theory, Social Distance, Spatial Networks, and love, friendship, family, and relationships in the city. Check some of our projects out!

Using Migration Degree to Distinguish Post-Industrial U.S. Cities

Findings: People do not move out of Boston for the same reasons they move out of Detroit. When we look at ...
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LBSN and the Social Butterfly Effect

Findings: The Butterfly Effect is measurable. There is a 14-point scale of how much impact a Location Based Social Network ...
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Linked Activity Spaces: A New Approach for Spatializing Social Networks

Findings: Phone call friends use the city similarly, and you have a higher chance of running into a friend if you ...
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The Rise of Partisanship and Super-Cooperators in the U.S. House of Representatives

Findings: Analysis of voting records show proof that US congresspeople are more partisan than ever. Thankfully, Texan Democrats and Northeastern ...
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Geocomputation Methods for Dyadic Relationships

Findings: People who participated in a mentoring program in Santa Fe formed strong relationships regardless of the wide-ranging barriers (from distance ...
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Exploring Institution-Driven Mobility

Findings: Certain colleges like West Virginia and Providence have much less ‘pull power’ to attract far-away athletes than schools like Stanford ...
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Our location

We are located in the Center of Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization at Georgia Tech