Our Projects

Our research themes include Social Flow Theory, Social Distance, Spatial Networks, and love, friendship, family, and relationships in the city. Check some of our projects out!

Book Review: Modeling Cities and Regions as Complex Systems: From Theory to Planning Applications

Findings: Modeling Cities and Regions as Complex Systems effectively challenges long-standing principles of urban planning, and uses mathematical models to quantify land ...
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Integrating Social Network Data into GISystems

Findings: Considering where people are when we examine social networks can help us decide anything from where to advertise to ...
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A Computational Model for Dyadic Relationships

Findings: Pairs of people in all kinds of relationships tend to collocate, telecommunicate, and feel inclinations towards one and other. People ...
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Assessing an Educational Mentorship Program in an Urban Context

Findings: Participants in mentoring programs report increases in social capital with people with socio-economic differences, but most mentors and proteges are ...
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Migrant Routing the U.S. Urban System

Findings: A city is a cityfriend with a city that sends the most migrants. Cities like Dallas and Atlanta have many ...
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Hidden Style in the City: An Analysis of Geolocated Airbnb Rental Images in Ten Major Cities

Findings: Photos in international AirBNB listings are starting to have more in common as globalization homogenizes the wold. However, variation between ...
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Our location

We are located in the Center of Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization at Georgia Tech