Take the Friendly Cities LAB quiz and see how you do!

1)      Which two universities had the most geographically-distant and diverse pool of athletes?
a)      U. of Alabama and U. of Mississippi
b)      Stanford and U. of Arizona
c)      Northwestern and U. of Chicago
d)     Rutgers and Temple U.

2)      Select the following that IS NOT true. The U.S. NCAA has been able to attract many:
a)      Golfers from Thailand
b)      Swimmers from Singapore and Japan
c)      Squash players from India
d)     Track and Field athletes from the Caribbean
e)      Rowers from England & Australia
f)       Ice hockey players from Greece

3)      What points of interest are most likely to be near healthcare facilities?
a)      Restaurants
b)      Nail salons
c)      Other healthcare facilities
d)     Airports
e)      Clothing stores

4)      Where are you most likely to find plants inside a home?
a)      Kenya
b)      Egypt
c)      Sweden
d)     Brazil
e)      Russia

5)      Where would you find cities that have the brightest and most vibrant interior colors?
a)      England and France
b)      Morocco and India
c)      USA and Canada
d)     The Caribbean
e)      Sub-Saharan Africa

6)      Where in the city do couples tend to go on special dates?
a)      Anywhere, it’s not predictable
b)      To a few very select places in one or two neighborhoods
c)      The suburbs
d)     Kid and child-friendly restaurants

7)      What major metropolitan area has the highest percentage of chain restaurants?
a)      Indianapolis
b)      Miami
c)      Albuquerque
d)     San Francisco
e)      Seattle

8)      What percentage of independently-owned restaurants does Aspen, Colorado have?
a)      90%
b)      80%
c)      50%
d)     10%

Check the answers and see how you did!