Introduction to Urban Analytics

Urban Analytics (fall 2021). The course will have a sizable reading component and will include light programming / GIS assignments (~8 labs) and exposure to how big data is used, collected, etc. in the built environment through case study readings. There is no project, but will be two small quizzes. Topics will include GPS traces, mobility analysis, activity space delineation, call detail record (CDR) analysis, points of interest (POIs) capture and analysis, data classification/ segmentation, social media analytics, NLP and Twitter data, image segmentation, sensor-collected data, citizen science/VGI/crowdsourced data, demographic indexes, etc. No prerequisites are needed.

This is an example syllabus.

DATE TOPIC LAB (Thursdays) READING (discuss on Tuesdays) DUE (Thursday @ 5)
Aug 24 – 26 What is Urban Analytics? Walking trip: Creating an Index none none
Aug 31 – Sep 2 Introduction Papers + In Class Activity Intro to R (optional) Introduction Assignment 1: Index
Sep 7 – 9 Bike Sharing (leader) CitiBike Bike Sharing Intro to R
Sep 14 – 19 Points of Interest (leader) POIs I: Yelp Data Analysis Points of Interest Assignment 2: CitiBike
Sep 21 – 23 Restaurants + GWR POIs II: Chainness of POIs and GWR Restaurants none
Sep 28 – 30 Movement & CDRs (leader) Networks and Regions CDRs / Regions Assignment 3: POIs
Oct 5 – 7 Guest Speaker: Trajectories Activity Spaces (Contact Tracing) Movement Assignment 4: Networks and Regions
Oct 12 – 14  No class (fall break) Optional Lab Help none none
Oct 19 – 21 Guest Speaker, Diyi Yang, NLP Twitter: Mapping Keywords none Assignment 5: Activity Spaces
Oct 26 – 28 Text (leader) Project Work: Creating a Plan, Finding Data Text Assignment 6: Twitter
Nov 2 – 4 StreetScape (leader) Google Street View: Detecting Elements StreetScape Assignment 7: GSV
Nov 9 – 11 Environmental Capture (leader) Sensors: Environmental Sensors-Thermal Environmental Project Idea
Nov 16 – 18 Geoprivacy (leader) Project Work- In class help Geoprivacy Assignment 8: Environmental Sensors
Nov 23 Project Work- In class help No class (Thanksgiving) none none
Dec 2 – 4 Guest Speaker, Subhro Guhathakurta, Ethics Ethics (leader) Ethics none
Dec 7 Project Work- In class help No class (Exams) none