Taught by Professor Andris

Environmental GIS: City Planning (CP 6541). (fall 2019, fall 2020) next offering spring 2022.

Information Visualization: Computer Science (CS 4460). (fall 2020) next offering expected fall 2022.

Advanced GIS: City Planning (CP 6521). (spring 2021) next offering unknown.

Spatial Network Analysis: Cross-Listed City Planning (CP)/Computer Science (CS) Special Topic. (spring 2020) next offering expected spring 2022.

Urban Analytics (fall 2021). Syllabus not complete. (Any of the following information is subject to change and final specs will be given at the start of the course through the official syllabus.) The course will include light programming assignments (~8 labs) and exposure to how big data is used, collected, etc. in the built environment through case study readings. There is no project, but will be two small quizzes. Topics will include GPS traces, mobility analysis, activity space delineation, linked activity spaces, call detail record (CDR) analysis, points of interest (POIs) capture and analysis, data classification/segmentation, social media analytics, NLP and Twitter data, image segmentation, sensor-collected data, citizen science/VGI/crowdsourced data, demographic indexes, creative datasets (e.g. waste, fitbit data, airbnb, etc.). No prerequisites are needed. HERE IS THE INFO FOR URBAN ANALYTICS:

Spec Top-Cty&Region Plan – 92670 – CP 8883 – CA
Intro to Urban Analytics
Associated Term: Fall 2021
Registration Dates: Mar 29, 2021 to Aug 27, 2021
Levels: Graduate Semester, Undergraduate Semester
Georgia Tech-Atlanta * Campus
Lecture* Schedule Type
3.000 Credits
5:00 pm – 6:15 pm TR
Architecture (West) 358
Aug 23, 2021 – Dec 16, 2021 Lecture* Clio Maria Andris (P)