Taught by Professor Andris

Environmental GIS: City Planning (CP 6541). (fall 2019, fall 2020)

Information Visualization: Computer Science (CS 4460). (fall 2020)

Advanced GIS: City Planning (CP 6521). (spring 2021)

Spatial Network Analysis: Cross-Listed City Planning (CP)/Computer Science (CS) Special Topic. (spring 2020)

Urban Analytics (fall 2021). Syllabus not complete. It will include light programming assignments and exposure to how big data is used, collected, etc. in the built environment through case study readings. It will probably be listed as CP 65**.

What is being taught when? (from Clio) I may be teaching Environmental GIS in fall 2021 (or someone else may teach this). I will teach another class (Spatial Nets or Advanced GIS) in the spring. If I don’t teach Environmental GIS in the fall, I will teach both Spatial Nets and Advanced GIS in the spring. Stay tuned.